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Am I Too Old To Have My Eyebrows Tattooed?

Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful throughout their lifetime? This is true no matter how old you are,  and age is no requirement or restriction for striving to feel your best. That said, as we get older, there are a few things to take into consideration before making a decision to tattoo eyebrows. For example, physical aspects such as face shape can change, and certain features (like our noses and ears), continue to elongate because cartilage in those areas never stops growing. As a result, eyebrow shape can be effected, so you want to make sure any work you get done takes the long term into account. This, of course comes down to hiring the right  certified permanent cosmetic professional.


These subtle but significant changes over time can also have a big effect on our eyebrows. As skin texture becomes more delicate and sensitive to cosmetic enhancements, eyebrows have a tendency to thin and sometimes even disappear over time.  An eyebrow tattoo is a great way to create the feeling of an enhanced, fully, shaped eyebrow that compliments your facial changes, and even takes off a few years by esthetically lifting your eyes and cheekbones.

Other skin issues, as we get older, may include scars or scarring that has left hair missing, or perhaps even bald in certain areas. The simple solution of course, would simply be to fill in these areas with hair stokes.  Although to give the area the necessary natural 3d effect, the best option would be to create background shading throughout the entire brow, then hair strokes in one or two other shades placed sparsely throughout the brow portion that has hair. This effect is then replicated more densely in the bald or thin area. This technique would provide adequate camouflage, and a very seamless and natural look. Overall, skin health and skin condition (ability to heal), help determine a successful procedure for older patients considering micropigmentation. Because of the above considerations, it is suggested that older women might want to have several smaller, less invasive sessions, rather than the entire procedure all at once so they can determine how their skin will tolerate the procedure.  Again, be sure to ask your permanent cosmetic professional what’s right for you.

There is no doubt that younger generations have practically zero concerns nor hang-ups regarding cosmetic services.  Everyone now recognizes and even embraces the fact that a simple outside cosmetic improvement can make one feel full and beautiful on the inside. Who doesn’t deserve that?


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