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Should I Get My Eyebrows Tattooed?

It’s no secret that more and more people, both women AND men, from all over the world,  are already enjoying the benefits of permanent cosmetics. People of all ages (from 18-100) are electing to tattoo eyebrows and finding great results in enhancing, shaping, and filling out their non-existent brows to feel more confident and attractive. So who makes a good candidate for eyebrow tattoos? Click here for full post.

What Are The Pros And Cons To Tattoo Eyebrows?

Perhaps one of the first questions you might ask yourself about permanent makeup and the possibility to tattoo eyebrows is, “what are the pros and cons of having the procedure done?”  Below is a comprehensive list of several positive and negative factors to think about that may help you in making your decision. Click here for full post.

How Much Does It Cost To Tattoo Eyebrows?

Cost is a major consideration when deciding whether to tattoo eyebrows.  Because its an elected cosmetic procedure, some might find it hard to justify  the expense. Others though, feel that the initial upfront cost  is a small price to pay compared to the amount of money and time you save over the long term. This information will help you deduce the appropriate cost range for the procedure in your area and help you understand what to look for when deciding if it makes sense for you.  Click here for the full post.

What To Look For In A Qualified Tattoo Eyebrow Specialist

As the procedure to tattoo eyebrows becomes more and more popular all over the world, selecting the right permanent makeup specialist is the most important decision you can make. Not only do they have a responsibility to create beautiful, safe, and quality results in the beginning, but are obligated to properly maintain that same level of professionalism over the long term. Its an intimate relationship that requires trust, confidence, and a high level of credibility. As a result, the qualifications of your chosen certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) are crucial. Below is a list of  several factors necessary to  help you find and assess the perfect specialist for your needs and long term goals.  Click here for the full post

The Tattoo Eyebrow Procedure

The actual procedure to tattoo eyebrows can be an exciting but nervous experience. For some, it might be seen as a positive step towards a new life, a new outlook, and an opportunity to change the way you feel about yourself. Others might feel a little more skeptical.  This information will help prepare you for what to expect before, during, and immediately after the procedure in an attempt alleviate any concerns, and help make the experience of permanent makeup application as smooth, comfortable, and successful as possible.  Click here for the full post.

Different Eyebrow Tattoo Methods And Techniques

 Of all the facial features requiring permanent makeup, the procedure to tattoo eyebrows is the most popular and comprehensive, and includes several different techniques and methods. Each technique has its own unique aspects, so be sure to have a consultation with your CPCP to help you decide which one works best for your personal needs and features. To get a better idea of the possibilities, here is a list of several different eyebrow tattoo methods and techniques:  Click here for the full post

Tattoo Eyebrow Aftercare

Proper aftercare is a very important aspect of the long term success, effectiveness, health, and overall satisfaction with your new eyebrow tattoos. The type of permanent makeup technique/method you chose will determine the aftercare process required. Your certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) should provide you with detailed instructions on how to properly care for your new tattoo eyebrows based on your specific type of method. It is very important to follow those instructions in order to achieve the best possible results from your permanent makeup procedure. Included here are general permanent makeup aftercare instructions that will help limit any infection or problems, and assure healthy and successful healing as quickly as possible.  Click here for the full post.


Tattoo Eyebrow Healing Process

The healing process is a fascinating and important aspect of your permanent makeup procedure. It differs from person to person and is based on several factors. Here we will explain those factors, and show you what to expect during all the stages of the tattoo eyebrows healing process to help you recover as quickly and successfully as possible.  Click here for the full post.

Long Term Maintenance Of Eyebrow Tattoos

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all when choosing to tattoo eyebrows is the lack of long term maintenance needed after having the procedure done.  In fact, a proper initial application and “touch up” procedure should ensure, aside from very minimal attention,  that you wont have to worry about your cosmetic eyebrows again for at least 1-3 years. This is the period of time when the semi-permanent ink is subject to fading. This fading of cosmetic eyebrows can be pre-determined (and limited) if you are aware of certain factors. This post will focus on eyebrow tattoo care, and those few minimal considerations for maintaining happy healthy eyebrows over the long term.  Click here for the full post

Problems That Can Occur With Tattoo Eyebrows

Although eyebrow tattoos and permanent makeup are exciting new ways to build your confidence, free up your time,  save you money,  and enhance your appearance,  the procedure, like any invasive cosmetic decision, is not totally free of potential problems. To be fair, many of these complications occur with regular tattoos in general, and for the most part, are a very rare occurrence.  As it is with anything though, the more information you have as a consumer,  the more you know how to protect yourself and avoid any issues. The purpose of this post is to provide an awareness of potential permanent makeup problems to help you make informed decisions that suit your personal needs.  Click here for the full post.


Alternative Eyebrow Tattoo Products

 The choice to tattoo eyebrows is a commitment not everyone is willing to make. Some might feel hesitant when they hear the word “permanent” attached to the idea of cosmetics, especially when its in regards to one’s face. Perhaps people have health concerns regarding permanent makeup, or feel they might regret their choice, believing its an idea that might not be as popular tomorrow as it is today. Whatever the reason may be,  the good news is twofold. Firstly, because permanent makeup is actually only semi-permanent and will fade naturally over time, the choice to tattoo eyebrows is not as detrimental or scary as it might seem. Secondly, there are several alternative products and eyebrow makeup options to help with eyebrow modification and correction if you just can’t bring yourself to take that leap. This is a list of the top best eyebrow tattoo alternatives.  Click here for the full post.

Tattoo Eyebrow Removal And Cost

There are several reasons why people choose to have their eyebrow tattoos removed. Some are dissatisfied with the outcome, for others its a health issue, while others may feel they simply don’t work with ones personal needs or lifestyle anymore.  Whatever the reason, tattoo removal is a difficult process that can be time consuming and expensive, and comes with its own set of potential problems. Below are several methods that are considered the most effective means of tattoo removal.  Click here for the full post.

Training And Certification In The United States

Congratulations on your choice to become a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) in the United States.  Here you will find the basic requirements for becoming a tattoo specialist, and the five (5) major considerations that will help you secure your position and practice as a permanent cosmetic professional. Click here for the full post.

Training And Certification In The United Kingdom (UK) And Ireland

Congratulations on your choice to become a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) in the United Kingdom (UK). In addition to basic requirements, there are four (4) major considerations that are necessary to get in order before you get started,  that will help you secure your position and practice as a permanent cosmetic professional.  Click here for the full post.

Training And Certification In Australia And New Zealand

Congratulations on your choice to become a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP) in Australia and/or New Zealand. In addition to basic requirements listed, there are four (4) major considerations that will help you secure your position and practice as a permanent cosmetic professional. It is important to note, that unlike other nations, because pigments fade over time, permanent cosmetics in Australia are considered a semi-permanent procedure. As a result, the Australian government prohibits ever advertising the procedure as permanent.  Click here for the full post.

State Specific Permanent Makeup And Tattoo Regulations

Although certification is not required in most states,  strict state specific Micropigmentation and tattoo regulations have been put in place throughout the country to assure the safety and well being of the public.  Whether you are a potential client, or are interested in a career as a Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP),  make sure you become familiar with these regulations in your state or region.  Click here for the full post

Am I Too Old To Have My Eyebrows Tattooed?

Who doesn’t want to look and feel beautiful throughout their lifetime? This is true no matter how old you are,  and age is no requirement or restriction for striving to feel your best. That said, as we get older, there are a few things to take into consideration before making a decision to tattoo eyebrows. Click here for the full post.

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