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Alternative Eyebrow Products When You Don’t Want To Tattoo Eyebrows


eyebrow tattoo alternatives The choice to tattoo eyebrows is a commitment not everyone is willing to make. Some might feel hesitant when they hear the word “permanent” attached to the idea of cosmetics, especially when its in regards to one’s face. Perhaps people have health concerns regarding permanent makeup, or feel they might regret their choice, believing its an idea that might not be as popular tomorrow as it is today. Whatever the reason may be,  the good news is twofold. Firstly, because permanent makeup is actually only semi-permanent and will fade naturally over time, the choice to tattoo eyebrows is not as detrimental or scary as it might seem. Secondly, there are several alternative products and eyebrow makeup options to help with eyebrow modification and correction if you just can’t bring yourself to take that leap. In addition to this list below, of the top best eyebrow tattoo alternatives, make sure to check out Tattoo Eyebrows HQ essential alternative tattoo eyebrow products: HERE 

eyebrow pen

Eyebrow Pen – An easy and affordable way to replicate Micropigmentation is to use an eyebrow tattoo pen. Exactly as it sounds, this pen has a fine point felt tip that acts much like a marker. Waterproof and lasting for several days, the “ink” is designed to soak into the skin without clumping, smudging, or staining, and gives your eyebrow a completely  permanent look. The formula is organic, non-invasive, and (in most instances), allergy free. An excellent example is the K Palette Real Lasting EyeBrow Liquid Pen .

eyebrow powder

 Eyebrow Powder – Just like eye shadow,  brow powder is applied with a brush directly onto the eyebrows to create beautiful and natural brow effects. The formula is designed to be smudge proof and mostly comes with two shades per compact so the desired effect can be perfected.


eyebrow mascara

Eyebrow MascaraBrow mascara is a gel like substance that is applied with a brush/wand through the eyebrows to  help fill and define a  perfect eyebrow shape. It is used more for enhancement of already existing brows, but looks great and won’t break your pocketbook.

eyebrow stencilsEyebrow StencilsEyebrow stencils are reusable and pre-shaped coverings that are aligned with the existing brow and filled in with either powder, a pen, or mascara. Several stencil designs (including: Curved Arch, Soft Arch, Full arch), help you achieve perfectly shaped brows and accentuate your face.


eyebrow enhancing serum

Brow Enhancing Serum  –  Rich in botanical extracts and vitamins, brow enhancing serum is used to grow fuller, longer, and stronger brow hair. This popular alternative is safe, hypoallergenic, and clinically proven to produce great results.

eyebrow transpplants

 Eyebrow Transplant – Perhaps the most invasive and dramatic option on this list is the replacement and modification of eyebrows with eyebrow transplants. This procedure involves sedation and surgical removal of hair and follicles  from just above the ear. These hairs are then transplanted into the brow regions. Although permanent, this method may limit some  mainly due to cost, which can run in the several thousand dollar range.

Perhaps you are pregnant, or are going through chemotherapy and are advised not to have the permanent makeup procedure done yet.  Or, perhaps you just simply can’t afford it. These alternative eyebrow tattoo products are great temporary solutions for anyone hesitant or unable to commit fully to the idea of Micropigmentation. In the meantime though, it is highly recommended that you thoroughly research, so  when you are ready to fully dive in, you will be as informed as possible to make the choices that are right for you.

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