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Long Term Maintenance Of Eyebrow Tattoos

Perhaps the biggest benefit of all when choosing to tattoo eyebrows is the lack of long term maintenance needed after having the procedure done.  In fact, a proper initial application and “touch up” procedure should ensure, aside from very minimal attention,  that you wont have to worry about your cosmetic eyebrows again for at least 1-3 years. This is the period of time when the semi-permanent ink is subject to fading. This fading of cosmetic eyebrows can be pre-determined (and limited) if you are aware of certain factors. This post will focus on eyebrow tattoo care, and those few minimal considerations for maintaining happy healthy eyebrows over the long term.

Factors That Pre-Determine Fading

1. Type Of Eyebrow Tattoo Procedure: There are over eight popular methods and techniques used to tattoo eyebrows. Some include the Powdery Filled, Soft Hair Stroke, Soft Fill, 3D, and SoftTap® techniques. Each has its own benefits and downsides that determine how the permanent makeup will fade over time. To get a complete breakdown on eyebrow tattoo procedures and method be sure to check out: Tattoo Eyebrows Techniques And Methods.

2. Type Of Ink Used:  As mentioned, the type of ink used to tattoo eyebrows is actually semi-permanent (lasting between 2-5 years) and not technically permanent. This means that fading will occur naturally overtime, and will vary based on the particular persons features, skin type, personal habits, personal health, and age. Some may feel this a benefit, because they are able to “grow” with their new cosmetic tattoos having them conform to natural changes overtime. 

3. Shade Of Pigment Used:  After the shedding and scabbing phase, you will notice a significant diminishment in the tattoo pigment intensity. This is natural and expected, but in terms of retaining your desired hue and color over the long term, be aware that lighter colors fade faster than darker ones. 

4. Touch-Up Appointment:  About (4-6) weeks after your initial appointment, you should schedule another “touch up” appointment, which will fix and fill any light areas, enhance any shapes, and reinforce deeper more permanent ink placement. This will make short term fading much less likely. 

5. Aftercare:  Aftercare is an extremely important aspect of maintaining your beautiful cosmetic eyebrows over the long term. For detailed information on tattoo eyebrows aftercare, be sure to visit: Tattoo Eyebrows Aftercare

5. Exposure To UV Rays:  This factor should fall under the subline of “how you treat your skin.” Excessive sun exposure (and tanning beds) will lead to fast fading of your new tattoo eyebrows, not to mention leave you susceptible to more serious health concerns like blistering and skin cancer. It is highly recommended that whenever you choose to go out, that you apply a healthy dose of (SPF of at least 15) sunscreen onto your eyebrow tattoo areas for protection. 

6. Anti-Aging Creams:  Although they benefit the rest of your skin, the chemical compounds in combination with semi-permanent pigments actually have an adverse effect on permanent makeup  and their longevity. If you use them, make sure not to apply any anti-aging creams directly onto your new eyebrow tattoos. 

Overall, there is no hard and fast rules to how quickly your tattooed eyebrows will last. Long term maintenance will not only depend on how well you follow these basic up-keep requirements,  but will also depend on your own personal habits, health conditions, lifestyle, and commitment to aftercare.  One thing you can guarantee though, is that with a little bit of consideration about the long term,  your perfect brows will last as long as you want them to.



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