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What Are The Pros And Cons To Tattoo Eyebrows?

Perhaps one of the first questions you might ask yourself about permanent makeup and the possibility to tattoo eyebrows is, “what are the pros and cons of having the procedure done?”  Below is a comprehensive list of several positive and negative factors to think about that may help you in making your decision.

tattoo eyebrows pros and cons


  1. Long Lasting Results:  Aside from very expensive and invasive eyebrow transplants,  a decision to tattoo eyebrows is the  longest lasting solution for creating beautiful full looking eyebrows.
  2. Its Easy And Hassle Free:   The biggest and most obvious benefit to a permanent cosmetic tattoo is the fact that they will not smudge, smear, or wash off like traditional makeup. Also,  after only one treatment lasting less than an hour,  you won’t ever be hassled by the daily routine of having to apply and/or remove makeup again. Overtime, eyebrow tattoos will fade and do require a “touch up” procedure, but it won’t be necessary for at least a year.
  3.  It’s Safe: Although its popularity seems to be relatively recent,  the art of permanent makeup has been around more than half a century.  It was first introduced in early 1900’s by famed British tattoo artist George Burchett. Since then,  institutions have been created such as the SPCP (Society Of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) in America, and the APAA (Association Of Professional Aestheticians of Australia ) in Australia to enforce strict safety standards and regulations, and ensure a healthy, risk free environment. Because it has become increasingly popular to tattoo eyebrows, many home based “tattoo eyebrows kits” have been developed and are easily accessible in the marketplace.  Be careful not to risk your health or your appearance with cheap alternatives, and make sure that all permanent makeup procedures be done by a certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP).
  4. Results Are Immediate: If you do decide to tattoo eyebrows, another positive aspect is the fact that unlike other cosmetic procedures, you won’t be burdened by an extensive recovery period. There is no  swelling, or unsightly bandages to try and hide,  and absolutely no downtime whatsoever. In fact, you  and can even go back to work the same day if you feel up to it. Just make sure not to apply any additional makeup near the sensitive areas for a day or two.
  5. It Saves Time: Time is in an invaluable commodity in our fast paced busy lives.  Just imagine how much you could save by not having to deal with the everyday inconvenience of makeup application and removal.   A single permanent makeup session will put those precious minutes,  days, maybe even months,  back on the clock.
  6. It Saves Money:  As they say, time is money. This statement couldn’t be anymore true when deciding to tattoo eyebrows. In addition to  eliminating the constant expense of eyebrow makeup, powders, pencils, tints, dyes etc, just one permanent eyebrow tattoo procedure lets you forget about your eyebrows for at least 12 months so you can put the savings towards other necessities.  Yes, there is a moderate upfront cost to tattoo eyebrows (between $300-$500 on average/touch up only $150 or so), but compared to eyebrow transplants ( the next permenant alternative in line) which can cost  $3,000-$8,000, permanent eyebrow tattoos are the best and most affordable option over time.
  7. Great Results That Will Help Build Self Confidence: If done correctly and professionally, your new tattoo eyebrows will bring  shape, color, density, symmetry and balance to your face and overall appearance. These great results will undoubtedly bring a renewed sense of self confidence, and a happier more productive you in all aspects of your life.


  1. It Can Be Painful: There is no way around it, a tattoo is a tattoo, so the actual  procedure to tattoo eyebrows can be a bit painful for those who aren’t familiar with the sensation. It will all depend on one’s personal pain tolerance of course, but even those with a high tolerance might still find it to be a mildly  uncomfortable experience. Numbing cream is applied beforehand to reduce the pain, but its only topical and temporary. Also, be aware that the area on and around the eyebrows will be slightly swollen and sensitive to the touch for a day or two after.
  2. Itchy Healing Process: As with any cosmetic procedure, eyebrow tattoos do require a period of time for healing, which in total takes about two weeks.   During that period, your tattoo will scab up and fall off, and you will most  likely experience itchy skin on the tattooed areas. Do not, under any circumstances, scratch those areas or you may cause an infection or scarring.  To help soothe the areas in the interim, apply triple antibiotic ointment, or aquaphor lotion. You may also want to gently apply a moist cloth, a cool compress, or damp (NOT wet) tea bags for further relief.   Also note, that the overall healing process may vary from person to person depending on age, blood flow,  circulation, and skin elasticity.
  3. Pricy Initial Cost: Although the annual “touch up” appointment is completely reasonable ($150.00 or so),  the initial procedure can be moderately expensive for the average person (approx. $400-$600 dollars).  Usually, the more expensive the more experience, and like anything, you want your CPCP (certified permanent cosmetic professional) to have adequate training, especially when it comes to anything involving  your face. Ultimately though, many believe that the long term benefits out weigh the short term cost.
  4. Startling Appearance At First: In terms of appearance, results can look startling at first, and not in a good way. The reason for this is because the ink, when first applied, is fresh and particularly dark, and may give the tattoo eyebrows a denser appearance  than expected. Don’t worry though,  during the healing process,  swelling will diminish, and the color, usually over a two week period,  will gradually fade and “set.” This is especially true after the scabs shed and fall off, and a thinner more natural looking eyebrow appears.
  5. Color Commitment: As mentioned above, the healing process creates a change in pigment intensity. Be aware of what color you are ultimately committing to with your new tattoo eyebrows, and know that committing to a specific eyebrow color might affect your overall complexion. This could make it more difficult to change other cosmetic aspects later, (i.e hair color for example). The point here, is to also think about the long term as well as the short term.
  6. Not Technically Permanent:  Eyebrow tattoos do require maintenance, and as such, can’t specifically be classified as permanent (Instead it is referred to as a semi-permanent procedure). Over several months, lower quality ink, and ink which contain iron oxides, may turn a shade of blue. This can require touch up sessions usually once a year or so. The good news here is that for those who are commitment phobic, or unhappy with the results, eyebrow tattoos might simply erase themselves if you wait long enough.permanent makeup pros and cons

With any cosmetic procedure, its important to take  both the positive and negative aspects into consideration. This is especially true when it comes to permanent makeup.  A better understanding  of the pros and cons will not only give you a better feeling of security,  but will also help you be fully informed in making decisions that that are right for you.


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