Tattoo Eyebrows HQ


Hello and welcome to Tattoo Eyebrows HQ official shop. * Although we call it a shop, it’s more of a suggestion box of products we believe in, to help you get the most of your experience when choosing to tattoo eyebrows.

If you have any suggestions on items you think we should include, please reach out to us here.


Perhaps you are a business owner looking for specific suggestions on quality materials and/or tools to help enhance your productivity, or maybe you have just recently had the procedure done, and are looking for recommendations and help in speeding up the healing process. Regardless of your needs, you will find products for every aspect of your eyebrow tattoo and micropigmentation experience here.

















Additionally, we also recommend products and eyebrow tattoo and permanent makeup alternatives for those individuals who might not yet want to take that next step, for whatever reason, to go through an invasive cosmetic procedure.  For more information on this, be sure to read this article about alternative eyebrow tattoo products. These temporary options might be just the answer you need to help decide, either way, if the choice to tattoo eyebrows is right for you.








*As a consumer you understand that these products are only suggestions, and is it up to you to do your own research to determine if the products listed are applicable to your needs. TattooEyebrows Hq takes no responsibility for your purchases.

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