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What Are The Different Methods And Techniques To Tattoo Eyebrows?

 Of all the facial features requiring permanent makeup, the procedure to tattoo eyebrows is the most popular and comprehensive, and includes several different techniques and methods. Each technique has its own unique aspects, so be sure to have a consultation with your CPCP to help you decide which one works best for your personal needs and features. To get a better idea of the possibilities, here is a list of several different eyebrow tattoo methods and techniques:

Cosmetic Tattoo Machines And Methods:

  • Traditional Coil Tattoo Machine – This popular “traditional” tattoo device uses electromagnetic coils to rapidly move a barred needle grouping up and down. Designed more for  body tattoos than permanent makeup application, the results are good, but may not last as long as other methods.
  • The Rotary Or Pen Machine – The Rotary Tattoo Machine is powered by regulated “rotary” motors (rather than electromagnetic coils) that rapidly move the ink needle  up and down. Although beneficial for shading, and stippling, this method is used least to tattoo eyebrows, but is popular for other facial features.
  • Hand Method  – The hand method uses hand tools alone with no electric or motorized parts to tap pigment into the skin with great detail.  This method is primarily based in more traditional tattoo techniques (eg. Tebori in Japan), and is preferred by those who are uncomfortable with the buzzing sensation of the powered machines.


  • Powdery Filled Technique  The “powdery filled” technique involves  a filling in or thickening  of areas that already have eyebrow hair present with a soft or darker color which varies in transparency.  As opposed to creating hairline strokes from scratch to cover bald or thin areas, the powdery filled technique is best for those simply wanting  shaping and/or an enhancement.
  • Soft Hair Stroke Technique  The soft hair stroke method is ideal for those who have very little to no eyebrow hair to begin with.  Very fine hairline strokes are created to visually replicate individual natural hairs (as opposed to a “block” of solid ink). Light shading is then applied to give the brows dimension. This technique requires particular skill and precision from the CPCP to make the eyebrows look natural as well as indiscernible, so make sure to do your research before committing to just anybody.
  • Soft Fill Technique – The soft fill method uses a round configured needle to fill in the entire surface area of the brow completely with pigment.  This technique is most beneficial for  individuals who already have hair on their brows, but have gaps in between the hairs needing to be filled.
  • Soft Shading Technique –  Soft shading technique is usually applied in combination with other techniques like the hair stroke technique, to create a soft transparent background  from one area of the brow to another by “sprinkling” or “brushing” pigment just below the epidermis. It is important that a shader needle be used and not an in-line needle for a softer more natural look.
  • Full Created Hair Stroke Technique – The full created hair stroke eyebrow tattoo is a combination of techniques, first by creating a shadowing background of the entire brow (either powdery, soft shading,  or soft fill), layered on top with natural looking hairs (soft hair strokes) of different pigments creating dimension and depth. This option is optimal for people with sparse to no hair over the brow area.
  •  Feathering Technique- This is basically a combination of the shading and hair stroke techniques, whereby strokes are made closer to one another other creating a shaded dimensional appearance. Certain skin types will fair better than others with a feather shade eyebrow, so be sure to discuss it with your CPCP to see if you are a good candidate.
  • 3d Eyebrow Technique – The 3d eyebrows tattoo is an extremely popular method for brow enhancement and beautification.  Delicate strokes done in little sections (applied from the inner to outer corner of the brow), are created to replicate natural hair using complimentary mineral pigment. This helps  to define and strengthen sparse or thin areas of the brow, leaving a completely natural looking 3d appearance.
  •  Soft Tap Permanent Makeup Technique – The Soft Tap technique is a manual method of tattooing because there is no power, electricity, or machinery involved. The tool itself is a hand held device containing several “single use” needles. The needles are dipped in pigment (which is much thicker than ordinary cosmetic tattoo ink), and inserted into the brow using a rhythmic rolling motion.  The results are subtle, accurate, and brilliant, and great way to fill in whats lacking from an already existing brow.   

Other Less Prevalent Eyebrow Tattoo Techniques And Methods Include:

  •  Embroidery Tattoo Method – Eyebrow embroidery is a semi-permenant method that can last up to two (2) years. After an ideal brow shape is traced, and designed, the area is numbed, and a very thin sharp blade is used to cut small pieces of the top of layer of skin away. New perfectly matched color is then applied in its place, creating a very natural seamless eyebrow look.  This type of cosmetic tattoo is ideal for all types of corrections (from complete coverage to fill-ins), and works best for individuals with pale skin and light brow hair. The healing process, touch ups and aftercare, are identical to regular cosmetic eyebrow tattoos.
  • Ultra Lift Eyebrows Technique- This is an exciting new treatment primarily for mature individuals looking to feel more rejuvenated and youthful.  The Ultra Lift eyebrow method, using computer technology and detailed magnification, imprints individual hairs and color into the skin, creating a reshaping and “lifting” of the eyebrow.
  •  Henna For Eyebrows – The most temporary and  traditional form of eyebrow enhancement is applying henna (pronounced hinna) paste throughout the eyebrow region. Henna is derived from the Lawsonia inermis leaves which are pulverized into a powder, and mixed  with a mildly acidic liquid to form a paste. When Lawsone molecules are released, they bind with the skin and “stain” it. Premixed pigment can now be purchased as a kit and easily applied using  a cone, a plastic applicator, or small paint brush. Initially,  natural henna appears orange, but eventually darkens to a reddish brown. Henna eyebrow tattoos work best for darker skin types, but not so much on fair complexions as they tend to turn the skin reddish orange. Also, be careful of allergies and any adverse reactions to the skin.cpcp

The effectiveness and success of these various eyebrow tattoo techniques will depend not only on your own understanding of them, but more importantly, on the training, experience, and natural talent of your chosen certified permanent cosmetic professional (CPCP).  Look for artists who have an in depth knowledge of as many techniques as possible, and offer a variety of options.  Go over their “before and after” photos extensively, get references, and make sure they take the time with you to understand your personal needs, and realistic brow outcome goals.  They should assess your skin compatibility and individual eyebrow characteristics including hair type, pattern, and amount. They should also help you determine the ideal brow shape and arch suited to your face by measuring symmetry and outlining arch thickness, height, etc.

Ultimately, the goal of having a better understanding of these different methods and techniques, is to create perfect eyebrows that not only look natural and completely undetectable, but enhance your appearance, simplify your life, and make you feel confident about your choice to tattoo eyebrows.


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