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Why Do Eyebrows Matter? 

If our eyes are the windows to our soul, then our eyebrows are the window frames. Eyebrows not only define the shape of our face, but are integral in conveying emotion and how we communicate with one another. They are a subtle nuance you might not immediately pay attention to, but their shape, density, and style, all help to bring out one’s own unique character and personality.


For centuries, eyebrows and their care have been a central aspect of accentuating a woman’s beauty, and in many ways, eyebrows determine how others perceive overall attractiveness. Some are blessed with beautiful full eyebrows, but many others need considerable help to fill out, thicken, and enhance what they lack.

As a result, many cosmetic techniques have been developed over the years to create a longer lasting fuller look, and assist in the quest for perfect eyebrows.  

One such technique that has steadily stood the test of time due to its relative ease, immediacy, and long term results, is to tattoo eyebrows through Micropigmentation

What Is Permanent Cosmetic Makeup And Micropigmentation? 

Permanent make-up (or cosmetic tattooing) is a non-surgical micro-procedure known as micropigmentation. Originating in Western Europe during the the early 20th century, the process was developed  into standard practice by renowned Bristish tattoo artist George Burchett, who, during his early self proclaimed “complextion treatments,” would inject vegetable dye into the top layers of skin to replicate and enhance facial features.

Today, the process is a refined artform that involves the custom blending of natural pigments using semi-permanent (although termed “permanent”) ink strategically tattooed into less defined areas of the face to simulate natural looking or well defined make up.


There are several specific areas of interest for micropigmentation and permanent make-up which include the skin, face, lips, and eyelids, but the most popular feature of them all are the eyebrows. In the end,  if the procedure is done correctly, the results of micro-pigmentation and permanent make up are immediate and striking.

Deciding On Whether Or Not To Tattoo Eyebrows.

There are many considerations to think about when deciding whether to tattoo eyebrows. As with any personal cosmetic enhancement, its important that you thoroughly investigate and assess your options. Take the time to get all of your questions answered so you can feel comfortable about this potentially permenant choice.

Some basic questions and important information include:

For detailed and comprehensive answers to all these questions, and many many more, please check out our official tattoo eyebrows blog.

Or, if you are interested in making an appointment immediately with a local certified permanent makeup facility in your area, please use the link below.


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